Friday, 30 November 2012

THAT kind of day

I have mixed feelings about today.

The real estate lawyer who is the primary person I work with quit without notice.  He and the managing partner have been squabbling a lot, and I knew it was coming, but still.  DID NOT WANT.

Between the server clock issue and an unexpected writ that turned up at registration, NEITHER of my two no-prob deals closed today.  One closed in escrow, one extended to Monday.  On another six deals that I was working with another clerk on (a block of six houses in London), I found out this morning that my boss, in consultation with the client, intended to extend for a week.  They haggled all afternoon, and by six pm hadn't settled, so the agent is talking to the clients over the weekend and will work towards an agreement by Monday.  I was completely left out of the loop, which is frustrating in the extreme.

My boyfriend, who is wonderful by anyone's standards, does not get that I need some quiet.  He helped out today with banking on our closings, and had a good day, so he's chatty.  At the best of times, he could talk the leg off a f**king table.  Right now, I just want him to stop talking, but I don't have the heart to tell him.

On the plus side, a wonderful friend RAK'd me on a gift thread on Ravelry with two patterns I've been dying to knit, and beyond grateful, I've bawled a couple of times.

"I can’t speak of the excruciatingly sh*tty day that I had, but periodically peeking in on this thread made it easier to get through the day without running naked into oncoming traffic while tearing my hair out and screaming uncontrollably."

 I'm going to go to sleep soon, and tomorrow I'm going to see Life of Pi and I can't freaking wait.  And on Sunday, I may just break ranks with my usual day and go meet people to knit at the Purple Purl.

Yeah...that kind of day.

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