Monday, 12 November 2012


Due to Remembrance Day being on a Sunday, the banks and the government took their usual day off today, and since banks and the land registry office are the two main points on the compass for a real estate office, I got a day off today.  Steph was headed to his parents' place today to help his dad with a computer presentation, and so it was a REAL day off.  Me, by myself, all day, drama-llama free.  It was freaking BRILLIANT.

I knitted on and off all day, and had a Firefly marathon going on in the background for company.

Cleaned ALL THE THINGS.  Living room, downstairs bathroom, kitchen, including a special going-over of the stove top, which was really disgusting, and the fridge, which tied the stove for things which most needed cleaning. 

Washed ALL THE DISHES IN MY HOUSE.  There is not one single dirty dish.  Anywhere.

Made a fantastically good, completely vegetarian lentil soup, starting with roasting vegetables for the stock.  My house smells incredible.

Steph does almost all the cooking, since he works from home most of the time, and while he is a fantastic cook, he is really bad at cleaning up more than is absolutely necessary.  I was literally itching to get in there when he wasn't around, so he wouldn't keep coming in and saying, you don't have to do that, love.  Oh yes, I really, really do.

And I did.  And it was good.

The dog is grumpy because I took her blankets outside and hung them on the line for awhile while I swept and vacuumed, which she also doesn't like.  Even fluffed-up, better smelling blankets are not enough to appease her.  She'll forgive me when I feed her, especially since I fried the egg wash from last night's dinner to add to her dinner.

Cranberry pineapple muffins baking now.  And when Steph comes home from work, I'll be able to greet him as he usually does me, with the smell of a wonderful dinner, a cold shot of vodka and a "the best part of my day just started" smile.

Off to a good start for the week!

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