Saturday, 24 November 2012

Part of my job description

Mel is coughing up a lung today.  She told me on Thursday that her dad had let her stay home from school that day, but didn't intend to let her stay home the next day, whether she needed to or not, because he didn't want her to feel sorry for herself.  She said she was looking forward to coming over, if for no other reason than she knew I'd baby her a little.

I woke up at 2am to get her a glass of water, rub Vicks on her back and chest, give her some cough syrup and hug her while she cried, till the remedies kicked in and she dozed off.  She's been bundled up on the couch today with kleenex, cough drops, ginger ale and a cool cloth.  I've indulged her grumpiness, as have we all, and she's feeling a little more spirited, now that we've eaten some dinner.  She managed to choke down some Buckleys, and even suffered a joke from Steph about how if she could swallow that, she could swallow anything.  Eww...that's my daughter.  There was laughter, and hugs all around.

She hugged me earlier and said, thanks for letting me be a suck.  I hugged her back and said, it's part of my job description.  I'll NEVER not want to do this for you.

Now that the coughing has settled down a little, we're going to put on some music and play Chickenfoot, and hope we all get a full night's sleep.

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