Saturday, 17 November 2012


I had a sadness this morning when my internet connection hiccupped after publishing the comments people made on my post yesterday.  So I not only didn't get a chance to think about or reply to those comments, I spent the time I'd intended on a quick post instead trying to reboot my router, etc.  Heading out to a birthday party and then a visit with a friend I haven't seen in a long time to drink wine and squish I leave you a few pictures of the thing I photograph most consistently, other than my own kids.

 I love to garden, and I bought this hibiscus about three years ago, thinking I would have it outside on the deck for the summer, and then it would die because I had never been able to overwinter them.

I brought it inside and miraculously, it not only lived, but thrived when I located it right over a radiator that throws a ton of heat out.  I had blooms on Christmas Day, and on my birthday in January, and during March Break.

I am endlessly fascinated by it.  It's a deep orange with a pinkish heart.
 Later in the day it begins to fade, and finally it closes up.  One day of beauty.

But what a beautiful day it is.

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