Monday, 19 November 2012

AKC: Angsty Copper Pipes

I rarely knit for other people. 

I knit a slouchy hat for my older daughter, and a beanie for my younger one, and my son wants the handknit Nerwin for which I just got the indigodragonfly club package to start.  They are happy when I make them things, and they know it takes time, but there's no recognition really that they have a singular item.  I knitted a prayer shawl for a friend who was battling cancer, and her reaction was, oh, thanks, but I thought shawls were for old ladies.  And I made my father a hat and scarf from a baby alpaca silk blend yarn for Christmas a few years ago, and he was fairly pointed in his remarks about how you can buy nice winter accessories pretty inexpensively, so...was that all he was getting for Christmas?  He's not normally a dick about handmade items, especially because he makes them himself (his medium is wood), but yeah...not ever making you anything again, dad.

My boyfriend is a totally knit-worthy person, and wants very much for me to knit him a Jayne hat, but as he knows, I'm currently on a self-imposed yarn diet, at least for a few months, so I'm short on the yellow and orange yarn components that are necessary for this knit to take place.  He has two sons, and one of them has a boyfriend - all three of the boys are totally knit-worthy as well, but for Christmas, there's only one of them I'm expecting to have knit a gift for, and to me, it was a big deal to have something that was just right.

D is the kind of guy who will wear black until a darker colour is discovered.  He plays ultimate frisbee and is training to run his second Spartan race.  He's got a crazy album on facebook entitled "The Beard", wherein he showcases his talent for growing facial hair and carving it into interesting shapes.  He's a martial artist, a phenomenal cook and an adventurer who recently "went west, young man" to try something new before buckling down in his chosen hometown, O-town.  About a year ago, we were visiting him on a long weekend, and I asked him about his handknit socks.  It transpired that one of his roommates has a mom who is a sock knitter, and he was deemed knitworthy when his buddy told his mom that D was always trying to steal his socks because they had no carpeting and the floors were cold in the mornings.  I actually bought yarn to knit him socks, but I couldn't quite bring myself to start, because I rarely have finish-itis, and I have a bunch of single socks that never got mates.

I went stash-diving for a possibly candidate, and found that I had a skein tonal black merino-silk in worsted weight, perfect for a a quick accessory.  I totally covet knitting Longview, but I don't have nearly enough for even the neckwarmer, let alone the scarf.  I wanted something a little show-offy, but not extremely complicated, because I wanted to actually finish it.

I give you....Old Copper Pipes.

I am in love with these cables.  Two needles.  The madness of Kim O'Brien, aka indigodragonfly.  It's her yarn too...Angst for the Memories.  I might be a bit of a fan.

I can't wait to see D in this.  I think it suits him down to the ground.

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  1. The colorway is lovely! I need to dig out my Darkside Cowl. It's made from a cashmere blend my brother sent me from Vancouver. I think it's at my parents house though.