Sunday, 17 November 2013

An unloved sweater

I slept for twelve hours last night, which was all kind of awesome.  But, it didn't leave me with a ton of time for sewing, as I had laundry and grocery shopping to do, and had to make a quick trip in to the office as well.  Call the whambulance.

So, instead of actually cutting OR sewing, I inventoried what I might need for the duster/jacket project, and discovered I need thread.  Lots of thread.  Nothing at all in the purple family or the goldy-cream family. That would be a fail and a sadness both, if I'd sat down to work on this.  The only sewing store nearby that's not a subway trip plus a bus transfer away is closed on Sundays.  Boo.

The crafty part of today has so far only involved photography.  Here's the sweater I bought yesterday, with the intention of unravelling it and reknitting it into something else.

It's not that it's ugly,'s just know...flattering.

The main colour is a deep forest green, punctuated by flashes of a purple-burgundy, and a warm cream. 


A local FB friend and fellow knitter suggested swants (AKA sweater pants), as recently made notorious by Stephen West, but I responded that although this sweater is soft enough to wear against the skin, it's too subtle for swants as they really should be done.  Although while thrifting I DID see more than a few that would be suitable...that's a rabbit hole for another day!

I want to knit a cardigan from this yarn.  It's called Vodka Lemonade.  I think I'd have enough yarn...the sweater's too big for me, too long in the body and the sleeves, and it's knit in ribbing, which eats yarn, compared to the stockinette stitch of the sweater I'm eyeing, so I should be good.  Really only two things I'm considering...I THINK it's going to be equivalent to DK weight but until I start pulling it apart I won't know for sure (perpetual what-ifs happening in my house!), and also, the pattern is generally only shown by other knitters done in a solid or semi-solid, which this yarn isn't.  The stockinette portions of the sweater would be fine, I'm sure, but I am not that good at envisioning the lace parts in variegated yarn.


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