Thursday, 7 November 2013

A Vogunteer from the audience

I love pulling my shoes off at the end of the day and wiggling my toes.

Today has been one of those days where I have BEEN ALL THE PLACES!  and it's all been on foot.  Due to a recent workplace dress-code upgrade, I'm more dressed up these days, and fortunately, I have John Fluevog in my corner for footwear.  I love his shoes because I can run, walk and stand in them for fifteen hours or more at a stretch and my feet not only don't hurt, but feel great and look unique and fantastic.  I've never been in line at a bank or standing on the subway where someone doesn't approach me and ask where I bought my shoes.  That being said, even my favourite 'Vogs feel pretty damn awesome when they come off my feet and I can ditch the tights and wiggle my toes and say....ahhh.

There are some exciting changes coming to my workplace pretty soon.  The managing partner (lawyer) "hired" his one of his childhood friends as the Director of Operations to streamline and improve, and we've become leaner and meaner, as befits the current real estate market in Toronto.  We're about to move into new digs and go for a wide break, open a couple of satellite offices and expand our staff a little.  That's cool.

The beyond-cool part is something I don't really feel like I'm at liberty to talk about yet, although I hope to be able to soon. The best friend above-mentioned is an airline pilot, and they hooked up with another guy to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time to have an innovative start-up business that, even at this early juncture, is poised for massive growth and financial gain.  I only have a supporting role, but so far I'm liking it very much.

Today I got pulled off my regular job, which is a mishmash of real estate law clerk, office manager and accountant, to do a project for the start-up today, and it was awesome. There is the smell of a Christmas bonus in the air, and I already have an idea where I might spend it. *grin*

Love this boot:

And this shoe is to die for:

The heel is called ball and claw, and is modelled after chair legs.  I know from wearing several different Fluevog heels, and from trying both these on and having an impromptu mini-dance party in the store with the store employees that the heel would fit very well into my daily grind. 

I won't kid you...I covet both of them!

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